Tall Tires

Need an extra lift? We can install tall tires to your spray truck for an added boost!

What We Do For YOu



Family fun

Most importantly we are a family run business. Working hard is a hereditary trait in this family. The skill it takes to work with your hands (and hopefully brain) is passed onto my sons who help build the sprayers.  

front mount Booms

These light weight but impressive booms can stretch out to 150' they help you get the job done fast and right.

Spray Console

With the press of a button control your sprayer! The digital display will also read out important information from your sprayer to help make your job easier!

Sprayflex Truck Sprayers in Chester

Our History

Henke Enterprises has been proudly providing sprayers to farmers to help them become better farmers. We work with farmers to help figure out what will work best for you. With friendly service and great prices we hope to provide the most effective sprayer for your operation.

Doug has been a farmer all his life. He has a degree in Ag Diesel, and specialized in welding, and electronics. He also has lots of real world experience. He helped build a hydro electric plant at Tiber Dam and still manages it today. At his farm in Chester MT he now builds sprayers that he personally uses and tests. He started building spray trucks in 2002, and still owns one of the first 72 foot 1000 gallon Marflex truck sprayers.

So call Doug, or stop by for a visit to test drive SprayFlex truck sprayers in Chester today. 

Cab Conversions

We do cab conversions, truck frames rear ends, 2 speed transmissions, and welding. 

We out spray all our compeition